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03. March 2022

News about the Unitary Patent system- Mere Info

20. March 2020

DECISION by German Court on conplaint to UPC announced 

The German Federal Constitutional Court (Bundesverfassungsgericht - BVerfG) has finally announced its decision in the constitutional complaint against the UPC Agreement (UPCA), filed in March 2017 by a German lawyer.

The Court concluded that the UPCA as a law assigning sovereign rights to a supranational institution should have been passed in parliament with a qualified majority, i.e. two thirds instead of a simple majority. Thus, Germany's passing of the bill is void for the moment being. 

The German government may remedy their shortcoming by presenting the bill again to parliament and if the Bundestag then passes the bill with a two-thirds majority, Germany can still access the UPCA as planned. In 2017, the bill was passed with only 35 members of parliament present, so a two-thirds majority may be obtained if more members of the parlament are present 

The Decision and Brexit put UPC on hold.

11. February 2020

IP rights in UK after Brexit - More Info

20 December 2019

Hongkong establish new individual patent system as alternative to existing system

21. July 2015

Congratulations to Michael Fabricius Madsen on becoming a European Patent Attorney

11 May 2015

Greenland and the Faroe Islands

27 March 2015

New fee structure from 1 April 2015

9 February 2015

Validation of EP patents in Morocco

4 December 2014

Norway has ratified the London Agreement

26 May 2014

Unitary Patent: Denmark voted yes

2 May 2014

Reduction of official fees for European patent applications

25 October 2013

Elimination of the 24-months deadline for filing divisional European patent applications

20 June 2013

Community trademark and design applications extended to Croatia

1 May 2013

New formality rules relating to validation of EP patents in Denmark

11 January 2013

Patent Prosecution Highway

12 December 2012

EU unitary patent rules approved by the EU-parliament

19 September 2011

New US patent law reforms the US patent system