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At Holme Patent A/S we provide the full range of legal services with regard to intellectual property (IP).

Various kinds of IP rights exist, which necessitates in-depth legal understanding for providing optimum consulting. Our legal advisors are therefore trained in different aspects of IP rights, as well as in their respective areas of technological competence.

This combination of technological insight and legal skill enables us to provide high-level IP consulting.

Our European Patent Attorneys represent our clients before the highest European patent authority, the European Patent Office (EPO). At Holme Patent A/S, we also collaborate with highly specialized law firms in many different countries for safeguarding our clients’ IP interests abroad.

The situations of companies and persons seeking our advice vary greatly, however, we are always committed to maintaining a high-level standard, irrespective of the task’s magnitude.

We are happy to arrange a non-committal meeting for discussing your situation and for identifying your IP opportunities.

Feel free to contact us by phone, e-mail, or by filling out the contact sheet on this website.