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In general, we conduct searches by using relevant national and international electronic databases. In some cases it may also be necessary to access hardcopy archives.

Novelty searches

Detailed knowledge of the state-of-the-art is crucial for assessing how to best protect new technologies and investments into research and development. Is it possible to obtain a patent or a utility model? Should the appearance of a product be protected through an industrial design registration? Are there any risks connected to the use of a given trademark? These are just a few examples of questions we often encounter, and which can be addressed by an IPR strategy that involves novelty searches.


Any person or company having the intention of marketing or selling a new product must keep track of how these activities might infringe existing rights of other parties.

Database searches may be applied to evaluate the market development within a technological area, to gain information on the developments and activities of competitors, or to receive inspiration for solving technical problems.

Searching at regular intervals may reveal competitors’ IPR activities, deadlines for filing oppositions to granted patents, registered designs, or trademarks, or whether national revocation procedures have to be initiated.