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A trademark is a characteristic feature, which distinguishes products and services from those of competitors.

Through promotion and sales, a trademark consolidates itself in consumers’ awareness, thus becoming a valuable asset for marketing. A trademark may communicate a lifestyle, quality or popularity. Thus, the trademark is the link between companies and customers. It therefore appears worthwhile for many companies to spend resources on devising good trademarks.

A trademark may be one or more words, a logo, a figure, or a combination of words and figures. It may also be the appearance or the packing of the goods. Most importantly, a good trademark will represent the characteristics of a company or its products.

When seeking a trademark right, it is often essential to choose a characteristic of international scope, both linguistically and visually.

List of goods

An application for trademark protection must contain a list of those goods and services, which the protection should comprise. These goods and services are divided into classes according to a classification system, the so-called Nice classification.